Special Offers

Alongside our regular lines we have a continuously changing stock of 'end of lines' and 'special purchases' which allow us to offer discounts on many types of leather.

This may be of special interest to traders interested in buying larger parcels. Please enquire for details

The lists in this section are updated regularly. We offer below various stock lots.

All prices in square feet and priced in GBP. (Subject unsold.)

  • 100,000 Black Softy Sides 1.0/1.2 ... 85p
  • 300,000 Assorted cow sides tans and browns 1.6/1.8 ... 90p
  • 15,000 Miscellaneous shoe leather ... 35p
  • 20,000 Black Buffalo Upholstery hides ... 80p
  • 1,500 Black Patent Calf Sides (slightly tender) ... 75p
  • 5,000 Small brown suede splits ... 15p